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Recent news about English translation

Because of the corona-situation, English translation of services in Christianskirken has been put on hold in the spring and summer time. From August 2020 we again offer a translation of the whole 10.00-service every Sunday. Just turn up for the 10.00 service and ask for headphones. Then you will receive a translation into English of the whole service, incl. the sermon. You are welcome to share this offer with other English-speaking Christians in your social circle. On September 20 and November 22, at 4 pm, we will resume our International Services (in English), and you are most cordially invited to these services as well.

Welcome to Christianskirken!

Are you looking for an international church in Aarhus? With its church services and ceremonies Christianskirken is open for everyone.

We’re all different. And Christianskirken recognises this by offering a range of worship opportunities from the classic Sunday service to services with modern music – and with room for innovation and initiative.

With its distinctive church tower Christianskirken is a remarkable building. Its spacious, light interior welcomes everyone, whoever they are. Christianskirken is the Evangelical Lutheran church at Christiansbjerg in Aarhus, Denmark.

What's going on in the church at Christiansbjerg?

A tree of life with many branches. A tree has many branches, and there is a variety of ways in which people can be part of our church and its work in our parish. At Christianskirken we focus on each branch and present our activities for young people, for adults, and for seniors. We’re happy and blessed to be able to enjoy such a variety, and to see how many volunteers make a major effort week after week. Put together they make up the unity of the tree – with the same trunk and the same roots. Those roots are the Christian gospel, especially as we experience at the Sunday service, which is the activity that gathers the most people inside our walls.


International services

Christianskirken International Community is a fellowship of international and Danish people who come together to worship God and serve one another. International services are held once a month.

Are you interested to join us? Read more at our International Community-page.

Traditional services at 08.30 on Sundays

Every Sunday morning we hold two services. The service at 09.00 is simple and traditional in its form, slightly shorter and quieter, but still with a sermon and the Eucharist.

Modern services at 10.00 and 11.15 on Sundays
At times during the modern service the organ is replaced by praise-singing with piano and guitar. The spoken word is supported by visual images and text on a screen. There’s often an infant baptism. And it’s the service with many volunteers. They take various initiatives, like welcoming worshippers, assisting the pastor throughout the service, helping with the musical and visual elements, and during the Eucharist offering to pray for, and with, individuals who have requested support. Altogether at this service there will be 15 to 20 volunteers, creating a special feeling of being together and joining together in worship.

The sermon at the 10.00 service will be translated into English.

Rhythmic services
Rhythmic services are held once a month, on the first Sunday, at 16.00. As the name suggests, the emphasis here is on rhythmic music, with a band playing hymns and songs, and usually a younger congregation. This service is organised almost entirely by volunteers.

Family services
Six times a year we hold family services, where we use drama, film, and various objects, and invite the congregation to par-ticipate. Afterwards there may be traditional activities such as a candle procession, the Shrovetide barrel-bashing, the Easter Lily celebration, or the Harvest Wagon. There are also special gatherings for the 3-year-olds and 5-year-olds who have been baptised as infants (NB. In Denmark around 70% of all children are baptised).

‘Spaghetti’ services
The name is misleading, but it works! Seven times a year, on the last Wednesday in the month, this service is held for parents with small children (0 to 6). There are simple hymns and Bible stories and the Lord’s Prayer, and perhaps a puppet or two turns up. After the ½-hour service we eat spaghetti or some other child-friendly dish, finishing at 18.00.

For more information

Contact one of our pastors or our congregation coordinator Martinus Nielsen.