English worship

Christianskirken International Community

Christianskirken International Community were initiated in 2016 and it is a fellowship of international and Danish people who come together to worship God and serve one another. We are still in a pioneer phase and welcome anyone – both internationals and Danes - to join and create a warm and joyful fellowship.

Our Mission

We are an international Christian community in Aarhus. We exist to worship God, grow as the Church, and serve our community.

Our Vision

We will grow into a thriving branch of Christianskirken by providing English language services, fellowship, and ministry opportunities.


For more information please contact:

Dominique Klamer, klamer.da@gmail.com, 52238383
Rev. Oscar Lied, oscar.lied@gmail.com, 93845491Rev. Anders Pradsgaard Møberg,
andmo@km.dk, 41727110
Or call the church office at 86 16 94 64

Information about services, fellowship, and ministry opportunities can be found on the Facebook page at Facebook.com/ChristianskirkenIC